What can we do for you?

Advice on sustainable investment

When you plan to invest, a good preparation is important.
First of all, you might need market research to discover where the opportunities lie, who your competitors are and who you could potentially partner with.
Secondly, you need a financial analysis of your plans to investigate different investment options and their financial implications. A thorough analysis should include a sensitivity analysis that tests how the performance of the investment is affected by (the underlying assumptions on) market prices, output, cost development, et cetera.
The results of these studies combined can be put together in a business plan that will be at the core of your project and can help you convince potential investors. We can support your investment by conducting one or more of the abovementioned analyses.

Sustainable investment can sometimes also be eligible for subsidies, grants or tax benefits. In the Netherlands, for example, some sustainable investments are tax deductible or can be written down faster.
We can evaluate your project and advice you on the potential of your project for getting such benefits.

Services for sustainable businesses

Whether you are just starting up, or you have been up and running for a while, it can happen that you run into aspects of the business that you cannot solve alone.
In order to prevent these aspects from becoming breaking points, we are here to assist you in dealing with them, so that you can focus on your core business.
At this stage, we can help you with developing your website or in case you need a translation between English, Dutch and/or Romanian.

Services for sustainable businesses that operate between the Netherlands and Romania

Lost in translation? We can help!
We provide translations from Dutch/English/Romanian to Dutch/English/Romanian at competitive rates.
Furthermore, Corina is an experienced language teacher, who has taught Romanian and business English to clients in Brasov and Bucharest, and English at a language training centre in London.
In other words, if your business abroad requires a basic or more advanced knowledge of Romanian, she can teach you.