Geographic focus: The Netherlands and Romania

Why this focus?

Because knowledge of culture and language are often important in business. As native speakers, we are able to get to information that others might not find. With knowledge of the local culture and customs, we can more aptly evaluate recent developments and what they might mean for your business.


One of the most recent additions to the European Union, Romania is a land of opportunities for foreign investors.
Unfortunately, these opportunities are not easy to take without appropriate knowledge of the language. Furthermore, ignorance of the local culture and customs might result in a wrong approach that can set your business back.
With our experience in Romania, and a native speaker in our midst, we can help you overcome these boundaries and bring what Romania has to offer within your reach.

The Netherlands

The Netherlands has a more established economy, which, in combination with its high population density and its dependence on fossil fuels makes it hard to live up to internationally agreed environmental standards.
Innovation, local economy, etc.

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